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Jordan Wilkie

Managing Director  


“We have grown rapidly in highly competitive markets by focusing on developing a methodology and set of internal processes that are tailored to front office search and that leveraged the knowledge and capabilities of our whole team”

Jordan Wilkie is one of HW Anderson's founding partners. Based in Edinburgh, he is responsible for both our UK and EU offices. Jordan is a tenured front-office headhunter and has vast experience connecting growth oriented buy-side firms with top investment, trading and analytics talent. He is trusted by our client base to execute high-profile and delicate talent moves and has facilitated several high profile team lift outs. His candor, good humor and commitment to excellence have enabled him to build tight-knit relationships with leading funds. Whilst his focus is predominantly UK and Europe, Jordan has a track record delivering talent across Asia and North America.

Jordan’s approach to executive search, relationship development and intelligence gathering has served as a template for our best-in-class offering. His charismatic approach to his work sets the tone for our culture. Beyond his client-focused activities, Jordan is responsible developing the people, processes and strategy that underpin our growth. 

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