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Talent Market Mapping and Competitor Intelligence

With specialist consultants and close-knit global teams, HW Anderson has unparalleled access to the competitive landscape across asset classes. We make sure that our clients are positioned to make the best decisions possible by providing them with bespoke reports highlighting team structure, performance and compensation across key industry players.

Our methodology

Client benefits

Our talent market mapping ability is enabled by our unique market position which allows us to gather detailed knowledge on the organizational structure and compensatory norms across even the most private buy side organisations. Beyond traditional executive search services, this has provided two major benefits to our clients.

1. bespoke intelligence

We deliver bespoke intelligence projects and ensure our clients are approaching the market with a compelling compensation framework. This is especially valuable in front-office roles as the relationship between performance and compensation is critical to a firm’s success.

2. talent acquisition

We are regularly engaged to provide “maps” of specific companies to facilitate talent acquisition, new market entry research and internal headcount analysis.