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Team Lift Outs

Often overlooked when hiring plans are being formed, onboarding a team of individuals is an efficient way to scale into new frontiers with confidence. We ensure our clients fully understand their options and risks at the start of each search.

Our clients’ hiring processes are often driven by a desire to diversify into new products or geographies. In this instance, we look to ensure our clients are aware of their ability to hire an existing team. Whether it be a Trader/Analyst duo, a full desk, or a small business unit, a team lift out offers great advantages.

Our methodology

Successful transitions

Team Lift outs ensure a rapid ramp-up period and provide existing, successful working relationships. As such, they enable a much higher-likelihood of a successful transition relative to hiring an individual, while providing additional upside at a significantly lower cost burden than a traditional acquisition.

HWA Role in Team Lift Outs

  • Identification of distressed targets;
  • Mitigation of legal risk in approach;
  • Timing of information release;
  • Sequencing of conversations;
  • Balanced outright and contextual assessment of each individual;
  • Management of resignation timing and messaging.