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Family Office Executive Search

HW Anderson has become a key retained family office recruiter partner to leading family offices in North America and Europe. The family office sector is expected to continue to experience strong growth due to the rising numbers of affluent families and the increased demand for personalized services. This trend is likely to be driven by the complexity of financial services, the need for personalized advice, and the desire for an integrated approach to wealth management. Additionally, the family office sector is projected to benefit from the increasing demand for expertise in areas such as impact investing, estate planning, philanthropic giving, and lifestyle management to meet the needs of the ultra-wealthy. As the sector matures, the use of sophisticated technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence will become increasingly important, allowing family offices to offer a more comprehensive suite of services.As the field grows, the demand for us as a family office recruiter grows with it. 

Functional Coverage

Role Scope

At HW Anderson we specialize in front office & investment professional talent. We continue to receive increasing interest from our candidates, who would typically only consider fund roles, toward working in the Family Office Sector. This trend dovetails with the growing demand from Family Office’s to bring investment talent in house. As such, as a family office recruiter, we are retained to deliver on mandates across the following functions.


  • Head of Public Equities: responsible for managing a team of equities investment professionals to identify and pursue investment opportunities. The role requires strong analytical and communication skills, an understanding of the financial markets and a keen eye for potential investments. The Head of Equities Investing must be able to make decisions quickly, manage risk and deliver returns to the organization. 
  • Head of Debt Investing: responsible for overseeing the entire debt investment process, from identifying potential debt investments to conducting due diligence to closing and managing investments. They are the key decision-maker when it comes to determining which debt investments should be made, and they work closely with other stakeholders such as legal and compliance teams. They also ensure that investments are compliant with regulatory requirements and provide oversight for investment performance.
  • External Investment Allocators: responsible for overseeing the external allocation of resources and capital. They evaluate and monitor external investments, manage risk, and ensure the optimal use of resources and capital allocations. They develop policies and strategies to increase returns, create asset diversification, and reduce volatility. They also coordinate with internal and external teams to support overall success.
  • Head of Private Markets: These individuals identify early stage and pre event investment opportunities across the capital structure.

Global Strategic Relationships

Our Talent Pool

As a family office recruiter the breadth of our access to talent across the buy side and sell side allows us to provide great value to family offices. We provide talent from both public and private buy side firms across the capital structure as well as providing deep and direct access to the sell side across Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

Client Types

Diverse Relationships

We have experience delivering for a variety of clients but we are most commonly engaged by the following firms;

Single Family Offices

Single-family office firms are the most common type of family office and specialize in providing financial and investment services for a single affluent family. 

Multi-Family & Hybrid Offices

Multi-family office firms provide services for more than one family and are typically larger than single-family offices. Hybrid family office firms offer services to both single and multi-family offices. 

Corporate Family Offices

Corporate family office firms specialize in providing services to large corporations and their owners. 

International Family Offices

International family office firms specialize in providing services to families with assets in multiple countries. We are a trusted family office recruiter to several international business.


Engaging HW Anderson

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Our People

Within the hyper-competitive and tight-knit trading and investment community our growth as a firm since inception has been exponential and truly organic. Every specialist HW Anderson consultant has been trained in-house and from-scratch. This ensures our methodology is original and consistent and that our culture is unique. Thanks to this growth we are positioned as a leader in Trans-Atlantic front office search. With three established offices, in the USA, UK and EU, our talented team is uniquely positioned to deliver meaningful value as Family Office recruiters to our clients into the future.

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