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Hedge Fund Headhunter

Our Role

Since our formation in 2014, HW Anderson has built a market-leading reputation for placing the finest front office investment talent into a range of elite hedge funds around the world as a hedge fund headhunter. We combine the use of a cutting edge methodology with a cross asset focus in order to add value and expertise to both single and multi-manager funds.

We have been retained on an increasingly international scale, mapping out and approaching for key investment roles from London to New York to Hong Kong. We have expertise in placing investment talent from Associate to Analyst and Portfolio Manager level in a range of disciplines, including Execution Trading, Quantitative Analytics and Data Science, often prompting candidates’ transition from the sell side to the buy side. We have a proven track record as a hedge fund headhunter, placing with start up hedge funds through to established mega funds as well as having a natural position in the market to connect Portfolio Managers with allocators and seeding platforms.

Hedge Fund Coverage

Role Scope

At HW Anderson, we specialise in recruiting front office & investment professional talent. Across the broad geographic scope of our searches, we are engaged as a hedge fund recruiter in the USA, Europe and APAC to identify investment and analytics focused roles. These include but are not limited to:


  • Fundamental Investment Talent: Portfolio Manager responsible for the full investment cycle from portfolio construction, idea generation and risk management. Investment Analyst – Individuals who manage capital, while reporting to a Portfolio Manager, responsible for generating investment recommendations for their team.
  • Emerging Investment Talent: Our hedge fund headhunters are experts in identifying up-and-coming investment talent globally, and pivot relationships established early in a candidate’s career to make connections with clients in elite hedge funds. Investment Associates in hedge funds are typically responsible for investment idea generation, fundamental analysis and the construction of valuation models for the investment team.
  • Trading Execution Talent: Individuals who execute the investment ideas generated by the investment team. Using both high and low touch methods, they are the investment team’s eyes and ears to the street.
  • Quantitative Researchers & Analysts: Alpha Research, mid and high frequency traders.
  • Data Scientists: Individuals who extract insights for investing from large datasets.
  • Risk: We assist companies with identifying risk management talent across market, credit, operational and quantitative risk.


Global Strategic Relationships

Our Talent Pool

With offices in New York, Edinburgh and Dublin, we are optimally positioned as hedge fund headhunters to access investment hubs and relevant talent pools on a global scale. This equally allows our clients to take a view on international as well as domestic opportunities ahead of any potential hiring. Much of our talent pool is composed of emerging investment talent from investment banking or buy side research backgrounds. Operating across three continents has allowed our search teams to recognise emerging, and differentiated, patterns of talented candidates across the globe. Our coordinated methodology sets us apart from our competitors by allowing movement laterally in buy side markets, and equally in situations where candidates look to transition from elite sell side investment banks into buy side funds.  


Diverse Relationships

We operate with hedge funds deploying a variety of strategies, from start-up to Megafund, across the capital structure.


We work with clientele that deploy tight market neutral/beta neutral equities strategies as well as more flexible strategies that run with a tilt or factor exposure. We are well versed as a hedge fund headhunter across the long/short universe


Relative value strategies involve taking positions across the capital structure in securities that are mispriced relative to each other, with the aim of profiting from the convergence of their prices.


Macro strategies involve taking positions in financial instruments based on macroeconomic trends, such as currency exchange rates, interest rates, and commodity prices. We partner with a handful of elite Macro funds as their hedge fund headhunter across a varied geographical landscape.


We actively engage as a hedge fund headhunter on event driven mandates, where investors look to profit from a stock mispricing that may occur during or after a corporate event.


Engaging HW Anderson

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Market Context

Our View

Our Equities Executive Search practice leverages H.W. Anderson’s broader pool of institutional relationships, coupled with Equity-focused partnerships, to form a dynamic client portfolio. Our Global Equity partnerships range from “Multi-Strat” Hedge Funds and Fund-of-Funds, to newly formed single manager shops. Our client pool and geographic coverage is broadening from domestic searches in the UK and USA, into quickly expanding Asian markets, where our consultants adaptively work mandates across a range of sectors and varying levels of seniority. Our unique system of international coordination allows candidates and clients to gain exposure to roles close to home and across the globe.

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