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Data Science Executive Search

H. W. Anderson has been catering to the Data Science needs of major hedge funds, merchant houses, and proprietary trading firms since 2015. We utilize a deep market knowledge and vast network in the space to identify Data Science talent from a range of industries, asset classes, and dedicated functions. We source talent that enhance discretionary, systematic, quantitative and quantamental strategies through providing cutting edge data science driven solutions and innovative thinking. To do so, we deploy a dedicated and thorough retained search process that ensures quality candidates are presented to our clients. H.W. Anderson has experience in successfully delivering on junior, mid level, and senior Data Science mandates.

Data Science Coverage

Functional Scope

We operate globally, across hedge funds, merchant houses, and proprietary trading firms to meet the data science and quantitative needs of our market-leading clients. We have placed talented Data Science profiles across markets and asset classes, including in discretionary and systematic commodities, equities, and FX. Our area of expertise sits in identifying candidates, from top tier competitor and related firms, with top educations and technical skill sets which enable them to add value, innovative perspectives, and drive technical growth for our clients. Bringing top Data Science talent into a business enables strategic partnerships between commercial business units and IT, giving any business an edge in its chosen field. 


  • Operational excellence: We work with firms seeking to build data science divisions that play a key role in championing operational excellence by unifying and automating daily tasks such as software development, quality assurance, deployment and integration. 
  • Extracting value from Data: We work with Data Scientists who deploy advanced statistical techniques, such as Machine Learning, to extract value from data in the form of investible insights. 
  • Data and Digital solutions:  The data science professionals we identify play a crucial front office role by working collaboratively with trading teams and their IT partners to assess needs and implement required development, testing, support, and IT infrastructure. This includes developing tools and identifying new approaches. 
  • Quality control: Our clients are leaders in the field which means quality control is of utmost importance. We work with them to provide talent that proactively review, verify, and validate software through troubleshooting techniques to maintain a high standard of quality control. 

Global Strategic Relationships

Our Clients

We are a leading data science executive search partner to a range of clients. We have partnered with major hedge funds, merchant houses, and proprietary trading firms globally to meet their junior, mid-level, and senior data science talent needs. We operate significantly in North America, Europe, and APAC with some key locations including New York, Chicago, Houston, London, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Zug, Oslo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 


Broad Scope

We have strong, established relationships with clients looking to add to and enhance their technical and competitive edge. The following categories outline some of the roles and skills that the Data Scientists we source can via our data science executive search practice:


We work with hedge funds and proprietary trading platforms who are constantly seeking to give themselves an edge through our data science executive search services. Identifying talented Data Scientists with state of the art programming and coding skills in languages such as Python, C++, and R play a major role in this.


A dedicated Data Science team plays a vital role in identifying needs and providing solutions. This includes looking internally and externally for new tooling approaches to increase productivity of the business unit covered.


Our clients have included merchant houses and hedge funds keen to push the barriers of innovation. We have worked on data science executive search processes with a number of clients to bring PhD level talent from world renowned research facilities straight into front office trading environments.


We have identified commercially minded Data Scientists who play a key role in monitoring and measuring data science objectives and carrying out reporting functions with Senior Stakeholders in order to ensure progress, development, and productivity.


Engaging HW Anderson

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Our People

Within the hyper-competitive and tight-knit trading and investment community our growth as a firm since inception has been exponential and truly organic. Every specialist HW Anderson consultant has been trained in-house and from-scratch. This ensures our methodology is original and consistent and that our culture is unique. Thanks to this growth we are positioned as a leader in Trans-Atlantic front office search. With three established offices, in the USA, UK and EU, our talented team is uniquely positioned to deliver meaningful value for our clients into the future.

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