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Commodities Recruiter

We excel in placing top-performing front office commodity professionals at leading trading firms globally. Our track record spans various asset classes and crucial front office functions, demonstrating our proficiency as a commodities recruiter.


Product Specialisms

Our role as commodities recruiters has led us to partner with forward-thinking and ambitious firms worldwide, gaining deep insights across a wide range of commodity products.


  • OIL: Oil remains a pivotal energy commodity, central to global commerce, transportation, and manufacturing. The market’s volatility, influenced by factors like geopolitical events and the rise of US exports, presents significant trading opportunities. HW Anderson, as a skilled commodities recruiter, stays ahead of talent trends and market intelligence, successfully placing top talents in crude, refined products, and biofuels trading for esteemed Merchant Trade Houses and Hedge Funds.
  • GAS & LNG: The significance of Gas, particularly LNG, in powering global plants is unquestionable. The interconnectivity of gas markets, climate unpredictability, supply dynamics, and ESG considerations are reshaping the gas sector. HW Anderson, as a prominent commodities recruiter, ensures that our clients have access to the industry’s finest talent to thrive in these changing markets.
  • ENERGY TRANSITION PRODUCTS: The underway Energy Transition, widely supported globally, significantly impacts our clients’ hiring needs. HW Anderson collaborates with leading trading firms, focusing on emerging markets like Hydrogen, Bio Gas, and Bio Fuels, as well as the EV and Battery supply chain. This shift is revolutionizing base metal markets and opening new avenues for traders and investment funds.
  • POWER AND EMISSIONS: A core area of expertise for our commodities recruitment team, the global push towards electrification has spiked the demand for skilled power traders and originators. Additionally, the move towards greener power and the challenges of outdated power grids present numerous market opportunities. The rising focus on renewable energy and ambitious emissions targets has revitalized the renewable and carbon certificates markets, both in primary flow origination and secondary trading.
  • AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: The Agri sector, encompassing Grains, Oilseeds, and Soft Commodities, continues to offer significant opportunities. Factors like China’s demand, global weather patterns, and inflationary pressures make this sector a fertile ground for skilled trading professionals.
  • METALS, MINING & FREIGHT: Amidst massive infrastructure investments by global economic giants and emerging markets’ demand for raw materials, the Metals, Mining, and Freight markets remain interconnected and vibrant. HW Anderson, as a commodities recruiter, closely monitors these sectors, successfully placing talent in trading houses, industrial conglomerates, and steel producers.


Our Clients

As a commodities recruiter, HW Anderson partners with globally leading clients in natural resource markets. Our expertise enables effective collaboration with firms focused on value generation in these sectors. We have a record of successful placements in:
Hedge Funds offering exposure to paper and physical commodities markets;
Trading Houses exploiting economic inefficiencies in commodity supply chains;
Producer and Generator trading units optimizing commodity resources;
Private Equity and Venture Capital firms investing in strategic assets and enhancing existing assets and portfolio management teams.


Functional Scope

Our recruitment methodologies shine in sourcing high-impact, high-value front office talent. As a commodities recruiter, we focus on roles like:


Leading investment decision-making and portfolio construction at top hedge funds.


Expert in arbitraging, optimizing, speculating, and hedging across various commodities.


Tasked with capital deployment to create value in structural assets and commodity term deals.


Specializing in supply and demand modeling and trading strategy, including Meteorological analysis.


Focusing on alpha generation, strategy back-testing, risk analysis, model building, and statistical insights.


Optimizing deal structuring for maximum optionality and pricing.


Particularly in renewables, acquiring, building, and developing key strategic commodity assets.


Engaging HW Anderson

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Our People

Within the hyper-competitive and tight-knit trading and investment community our growth as a firm since inception has been exponential and truly organic. Every specialist HW Anderson consultant has been trained in-house and from-scratch. This ensures our methodology is original and consistent and that our culture is unique. Thanks to this growth we are positioned as a leader in Trans-Atlantic front office search. With three established offices, in the USA, UK and EU, our talented team is uniquely positioned to deliver meaningful value for our clients into the future.

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