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Biomass Recruitment

H.W Anderson has been a key player in biomass recruitment assisting a range of energy businesses grow their activities across renewable markets. As part of the energy transition we have partnered with our clients to increase their biomass operations across North America, Europe and Asia.  Given Biomas is not a liquid market, revenue is generated from how businesses move it. H.W. Anderson works with a range of players in the supply chain from producers, distributors, off takers, trading firms and energy utilities. We primarily work with commercial individuals on the trading, origination, business development and analytics side.


Client Scope

Our clients in Biomass recruitment tend to operate at the front end of trading, origination, and investment markets. We assist firms who are both traditional and non-traditional players to scale their activities.

Client Types:

  • Energy Trading: We work with a range of energy trading companies from utilities, majors and merchant trading houses as their biomass recruitment partner. Our aim is to provide front office trading and origination talent in their pursuit of further exposure in the biomass market. In addition to this front office talent, they often require business developers who can assess investment opportunities and asset development projects. We also carry out market mapping activities for such clients.
  • Private Equity: Private Equity firms are increasingly investing in the biomass market for an infrastructure and supply chain perspective. H.W. Anderson partners with firms in order to source commercial investment profiles who have a background in leading investment processes such as acquisitions and JV’s. Additionally, H.W. Anderson is well placed to identify talented candidates who can work on the diligence life cycles related to these deals.

Global Strategic Relationships

Our Clients

The market is reliant on industrial forests in order to provide the raw material required to facilitate biomass productions. Countries such as the US & Canada have the scale required to service the production needs for supply, and the distribution facilities needed to move significant volumes. Other regions of growth importance are Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Japan. Europe is important to the supply of raw materials, however, is not as scalable due to the lack of industrial forests. Poland and Japan are interesting countries due to their governmental incentives to power coal power plants with alternative fuels. 


Diverse Relationships

We are retained by our clients on a variety of positions but are most frequently involved in placing the following:


As biomass recruitment experts we work with the candidates who are responsible for identifying and trading market opportunities, while having the ability to optimise supply chain and distribution networks on a global scale. These candidates tend to work on a PnL basis and are able to strategically generate revenue for their given employer.


Individuals who have strong commercial abilities and are able to utilise their extensive networks to identify opportunities in an evolving market. Those who are able to manage global relationships across a range of counterparties can add significant value to a market which is evolving in liquidity. Identifying and placing these deal makers is a key part of our role as biomass recruitment professionals.


We work with investment teams for full, or partial team lift outs into private equity and asset management platforms. These candidates focus on investment opportunities and asset development opportunities. We are one of the few biomass recruitment focused firms with a track record of complete these complex group placements.


Engaging HW Anderson

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Market Context

Ongoing Challenges

Biomass is a renewable organic material which is primarily sourced from plants, animals and other organic matter. The term biomass can cover a huge range of upstream products including wood waste, pellets, and animal materials. These products can be burned as a renewable energy source and are considered to be far less harmful than traditional fossil fuels. As the dialogue around alternative fuels grows, biomass is a key source for businesses to consider in their future activities. Governments have offered businesses significant subsidies in order to move their plant operations away from traditional sources to biomass. In particular, large businesses with coal fired power stations have been incentivised to adapt and use the products as an alternative. There is debate around biomass as a future fuel which threatens the sustainability of the market. The Fuel to Furnace dilemma essentially questions how much CO2 is produced by burning the wood, and if this is in itself renewable. Further political debates also question if the continual planting of trees will in fact create meaningful carbon offsetting.  Our team is well placed to help firms as they make key hires to navigate the future of the biomass markets.

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