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Biofuels Recruitment

The production of biofuels is steadily rising throughout the world as refineries look to offset emissions and governments craft policies incentivizing the use of fossil fuel alternatives. The global push towards sustainable energy has led prominent trading firms to bolster their renewable fuels presence in order to meet soaring demand. HW Anderson has become a key industry player in the recruitment of high profile renewable fuels traders across global markets. As a biofuels recruitment specialist, our access at every level of the renewable fuels supply chain offers us an edge in providing our clients with top level talent. Our team is committed to engaging all product markets across the renewable fuels space: biofuels, biodiesel, credit production/trading (RINs, LCFS, RECs, etc).


Functional Scope

The global energy transition has presented a plethora of products never previously tradeable. As newer products become more prevalent, they become more tradeable, and markets become more liquid. A supply chain tradeable at every point naturally implies a wide array of products available to trade. The increase in the sophistication of the biofuels market has increased the demand for HW Anderson as a biofuels recruitment specialist. We operate high level searches across the renewables space and possess granular knowledge of the different renewable fuels products.


  • Ethanol: Our network throughout the agriculture and energy industries give us access to talent on both ends of the ethanol supply chain. We routinely place a spectrum of talent ranging from feedstock traders specializing in wheat and corn, to refiners blending finished products.
  • Biofuels and Biodiesel: Individuals responsible for trading finished physical products between refineries and third-party consumers. Traders specializing in storage, facilitating the transportation, and actual sale of renewable fuels themselves.
  • Renewable Feedstocks: Renewable fuels are blended with sustainable products that lower their carbon intensity. We identify individuals involved in producing, sourcing, importing and exporting these sustainable products which include animal fats, used cooking oils, vegetable oils, and other waste products used in the blending process.
  • Renewable Credits: Governments throughout the world are committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. A common approach taken to achieve this goal is through creation of tradable credits generated upon production of a renewable fuel. These credits (RINs, LCFS, RECs) have created new trading markets where they can be consistently bought and sold.

Global Strategic Relationships

Our Clients

HW Anderson is the preferred partner for retained executive search across Europe, North America and Asia in the renewable fuels markets. Given the global push towards renewable fuels, we pride ourselves on our international reach which has helped a number of clients seamlessly acquire talent from geographic regions they previously had no access or presence to. We routinely work with the largest energy trading houses, hedge funds, refiners, and producers to deliver top level talent across the world as their biofuels recruitment partner.


Diverse Relationships

As a market leader in biofuels recruitment we have experience delivering high quality placements to a number of different market participants. We routinely provide retained search and team lift outs to our clients who are located at various points along the renewable fuels supply chain. Our clients all possess different needs which requires access to a wide arranging talent pool. We utilize our relationships and experience in renewable fuels to deliver talent that meet our clients’ specific needs. Most commonly, we are engaged to search for the following:


The renewables fuels space is grounded in the transfer of physical products from producers to consumers. We specialize in identifying traders who are experts in specific areas of the physical supply chain and efficiently trade their products to their desired endpoint.


Individuals who trade the financial derivatives associated with physical renewable fuels products. These traders work in tandem with merchants and physical traders to efficiently produce profitable margins. As biofuels recruitment specialists we routinely place traders who focus their efforts on credit supplies, futures, and spreads.


Individuals who source business development deals along the supply chain are of growing importance in the renewable fuels space. Storage capacity, transportation, and blending facilities are necessities in the production of biofuels. We work as biofuels recruitment specialists to find individuals who are able to efficiently source deals for our clients’ needs.


Engaging HW Anderson

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Our People

Within the hyper-competitive and tight-knit trading and investment community our growth as a firm since inception has been exponential and truly organic. Every specialist HW Anderson consultant has been trained in-house and from-scratch. This ensures our methodology is original and consistent and that our culture is unique. Thanks to this growth we are positioned as a leader in Trans-Atlantic front office search. With three established offices, in the USA, UK and EU, our talented team is uniquely positioned to deliver meaningful value for our clients into the future.

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