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Alternative Data Recruitment

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of Alternative Data in the investment banking and fund space. H.W. Anderson has played a key role as an alternative data recruitment specialist focused on the placement of high level talent in the industry. An increasing number of firms are noticing the importance of incorporating Alternative Data into investment decisions. Alternative Data creates a platform for hedge funds and investment managers to make informed decisions and minimise the risk of an investment. Incorporating Alternative Data into investing grants access to data that is not easily accessible and removes any redundant information. At H.W. Anderson we cater for individual movements of data experts and team lift outs covering each stage of the data pipeline and management process. As the Alternative Data field grows, we are growing with it.

Alt Data Coverage

Functional Scope

At H.W Anderson, we specialise in recruiting for a variety of roles within the Alternative Data and Traditional Data space. We have experience delivering retained searches for a wide variety of clients in the hedge fund and investment management space who are striving to capitalise on the rapidly emerging sector. As a alternative data recruitment specialists these roles include but are not limited to:


  • Data Analysts: Individuals who are ultimately responsible for extracting insights from data sets to inform investment decisions. Using statistical analysis and data analysis tools to analyse large unstructured data. Data Analysts liaise with clients and stakeholders to produce insightful forecasts.
  • Data Engineers: Individuals who work with raw data to transform, scrape and clean data to ensure the architecture will support the requirements of the firm. Data Engineers code and convert data into a usable state for Data Scientists and Analysts.
  • Data Scientists: Individuals who extract and interpret data from large messy data sets. Data Scientists create data visualisation tools from various data sources to ensure the data is easily accessible to the wider team. These individuals often leverage large volumes of data from multiple sources to cater for the firm’s needs. Identifying exceptional talent of this type is key to our role as alternative data specialists.
  • Data Associates: These individuals liaise with clients and stakeholders to establish areas of interest. Data Associates are involved in the sourcing, managing and governing of data for the investment community. Participating in vendor management to negotiate contracts and maintain a collaborative relationship. These individuals also work closely with the various data teams within a firm to ensure the correct implementation of data.

Global Strategic Relationships

Our Clients

As alternative data recruitment specialists we have access to the top talent in Alternative Data across the buy side and sell side around the globe. While most of our retained search work has taken place in Europe and North America, we have a track record of placing Alternative Data experts in the Asian market. We can guarantee our clients will have access to the top talent in the international talent pool throughout a search. 


Broad Scope

Alternative Data serves different purposes depending on the nature of the firm. As alternative data recruitment specialists we typically support hedge fund managers to identify talented individuals that facilitate the use of Alternative Data for price monitoring, competitor analysis, enhancing performance, corporate development and reinforcing investment ideas to improve decision making. According to it is expected that 78% of funds are using Alternative Data.


Traditional Data which has been more commonly used in the past, includes structured data from financial reports, administrative records and surveys. Alternative Data is any information that falls out of the Traditional Data category and comes from unconventional places. Alternative Data allows firms to formulate trading ideas and improve investment decisions.


Internal Data allows firms to leverage data that comes directly from sources within the organisation. Providing a firm with insight into the effectiveness of current practices and position. External Data on the other hand, originates from outside the organisation and can provide insights into the market and competitors. External Data is a useful tool to make well informed strategic decisions. Whether identifying a candidate who can synthesise internal data sources effectively or finding someone with the requisite experience to identify and incorporate external data we have our clients covered as their alternative recruitment data specialists.


Credit card data, email receipt data, sentiment analysis, geolocation and web traffic.


Engaging HW Anderson

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Our People

Within the hyper-competitive and tight-knit trading and investment community our growth as a firm since inception has been exponential and truly organic. Every specialist HW Anderson consultant has been trained in-house and from-scratch. This ensures our methodology is original and consistent and that our culture is unique. Thanks to this growth we are positioned as a leader in Trans-Atlantic front office search. With three established offices, in the USA, UK and EU, our talented team is uniquely positioned to deliver meaningful value for our clients into the future.

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