Our methodology differentiates us from our competitors. We do not advertise or post roles, we work purely on a reference and referral basis and our consultants have a specialist market focus. As such our retained search process can be defined in the following five stages.

  • Consult. We meet with our clients and explore the nature of the role, the drivers behind the hire and the ideal skill set and experience pre-requisites
  • Refresh. With specialist consultants focused on your market we already have opinions on the talent that works for your competitors. As such our initial market mapping process is about refreshing and enhancing existing data.
  • Approach. Once mapping has been completed we commence a thorough and exhaustive search of the market based on the initial requirement. As well as identifying talent, this process allows us to glean valuable competitive information which we share with our clients.
  • Evaluate. Once we have identified applicable and motivated candidates we open a dialogue, analyzing their skills, work history, motivation and performance as well as compensation and cultural fit. At this stage we collate and present this information to our clients in the form of a shortlist.
  • Manage. From our shortlist to offer acceptance we work with clients and candidates to ensure an open dialogue and smooth process through interview, offer, negotiation and acceptance. We counsel our candidates through the resignation and notice phases. Once a candidate has joined we follow up at the three and six month stage with the client and candidate to ensure the fit is ideal.