Executive Search Consultant - Hedge Fund & Commodity Trading

We are offering an opportunity to join a rapidly expanding international executive search consultancy in our Dublin office. In only five years HW Anderson have grown into the largest Transatlantic front office commodities search firm and a leading player in both the global equities and quantitative trading fields.. We partner with the world's preeminent hedge funds and merchant trading platforms to identify, assess and secure trading and analytics talent. H.W. Anderson's unique environment combines the intellectual challenge and compensatory potential of top-tier management consulting with the dynamic, growth-oriented culture of a start-up.

The Firm

At H.W. Anderson your potential is limited only by your ambition. We advise leading businesses on the key strategic challenge of our time: identifying, securing and retaining the best talent in the market. We're looking for hardworking, intelligent, sociable and competitive problem solvers who are excited about delivering for our clients across the globe. Our hiring cycle runs from December to February and our hiring methodology reflects our culture. Our four stage interview process concludes with a transparent and meritocratic assessment centre ensuring only the most exceptional individuals join our international team. Those that are successful are rewarded with a market-leading training and development program that includes two weeks of intensive instruction in H.W. Anderson's New York and Edinburgh offices and career development tailored to individual interests and aspirations.

Ideal Candidate Attributes - You:

  • Are a graduate or recent graduate who can demonstrate strong work ethic and intellect.

  • Are a team player with a competitive edge.

  • Are a resilient, patient individual who has the mental strength to overcome failure.

  • Have a natural curiosity and desire to learn about financial markets

  • Have a great sense of humor and strong social skills.

  • Have the maturity to deal with senior executives at leading investment firms.

  • Possess the organizational skills to manage your time effectively in order to multi-task across projects.

The Role

The role of an executive search consultant is to identify exceptional talent that enables our client firms to build or maintain an edge over their competitors in the market. More often than not, our successful candidates have to be successfully extracted and incentivized to leave leading platforms. A great search consultant develops the skills necessary to discern the difference between average and exceptional candidates and approaches each individual they engage with both empathy and an honest pragmatism that creates mutually beneficial scenarios for both clients and candidates alike. Developing these skills requires patience and effort. In our entry level consultant role you will be:

  • Working directly alongside our Lead Consultants and Managing Directors you will be responsible for delivering on a range of mandates across the globe in your position of “Consultant.”

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key individuals in the market.

  • Creatively map out teams and build out org charts across leading companies.

  • Proactively “head-hunt” senior level executives to generate candidates for your clients.

  • Building subject matter expertise across our core buy side markets.

  • You will work closely with our International  offices.

For more information click to see frequently asked questions about the field of executive search. http://www.hw-anderson.com/faq