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Jordan Wilkie

Managing Director

Jordan Wilkie is a founding partner at H.W. Anderson and is responsible for leading our European, Middle East and African business activities. Jordan is a seasoned headhunter in the energy and commodity trading markets and his client base includes some of the most respected merchant trading houses, hedge funds and producers. While Jordan has vast experience delivering across front office products and functions, he is particularly well networked in the oil trading and cross product fundamental analytics markets.

As part of the global leadership team, Jordan is focused on building the H.W. Anderson platform, developing our unique methodologies and managing the growth of our talented European team.


Henrik Sukonnik

Managing Director

Henrik Sukonnik is a founding partner at H.W. Anderson with a remit that spans across global front office products and functions. Henrik has particular expertise in partnering with power and gas trading clients in the Americas. An experienced headhunter, Henrik has delivered for privately held merchants, hedge funds, global investment banks, as well as integrated and independent energy producers and generators.

In addition to his client facing duties, Henrik is part of the global leadership team. His innovative thinking has played a great part in distinguishing H.W. Anderson as a quality partner to some of the industry's leading firms.  


Peter Henry

Managing Director

Peter Henry is a founding partner of H.W. Anderson and is responsible for business activities across North and South America. Peter has a track record of advising clients on key strategic hires across commodity products. He partners with several of the worlds leading privately held trading firms, top tier hedge funds and most significant oil and gas producers. In addition, Peter holds relationships with institutional investors, which have allowed him to facilitate capital introduction into early stage trading businesses.

As part of the global leadership team, Peter focuses on developing exceptional talent and robust processes in order to ensure that H.W. Anderson continually and consistently delivers the best services to its clients.